About Annie McCarra

Annie McCarra is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and former student of Setanta’s Master of Science in Performance Coaching. From Tipperary, Ireland, but currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2014, Annie works with a number of elite athletes, primarily within Rugby, from which she has developed a keen interest in injury reduction strategies and is currently exploring the functional pathway of Rugby to better prepare the youth player for the game.

Preparing for the Senior Game – A Closer Look at the Physical Demands of Junior Rugby

In a previous piece, Setanta College graduate Annie McCarra MSc, examined the Physical Demands of Rugby Union, and the difference between the senior and junior game. In this article, Annie examines the demands of Junior Rugby in more detail. A [...]

The Physical Demands of Rugby Union: Analysing the Difference Between the Senior & Junior Game

The Evolution of Rugby Union When Rugby Union became professional in 1995 so too did the style of play, with players becoming bigger, stronger, and faster. This increase in physicality has influenced growing research on the science behind the sport, [...]

Injury Incidence Profile of the Amateur Rugby Player

Research Title: Injury Incidence Profile of the Amateur Rugby Player   Since the advent of professionalism, the demand for knowledge on the science behind Rugby Union has influenced the investigation of injury incidence and epidemiology, the majority of which is [...]